TESTIMONIALS   Send us a note and tell us how "CUTB" has made a difference in your life

“If you need more volunteers please let me know. I love what you're doing. God bless your ministry!.”

Valerie - Oklahoma City

“If I had to describe today's event with a single word, that word would be OVERWHELMING! I am truly overwhelmed by the amazing things God had done through this ministry.”

Skye - Edmond, OK

“Many call themselves the church but you show us the church every Sunday, thanks for all you do for us”

Melissa - Homeless

The 1st Annual "Street Baptisim" at "CUTB" was one of the highlights in my 17 years of ministry.


Ray -Oklahoma City

"I want you all to know what a pleasure it has been to get to know you and others at Church Under the Bridge!  I am inspired and encouraged by your vision and passion for CUTB.  I think last Sunday was very special, because even with the weather being 20 degrees and freezing and only a few homeless showing up, we still served food, had a complete worship service, and preaching.  That Honored God!!"


Kent Cox

"This is as real as it gets.  There is nothing fake here!  I feel God calling me to be right here, right now!"


Amos Tallbear